Empower Your Teen To Conquer College Apps

A tool made by parents who have been through this before.

How Universily Works

Create Your Team

Students can invite as many family members, parents, or counselors as they want to join their Team. As a member of their team you can see their progress, give feedback, and work with them to succeed!

Develop Your Story

Students add their classes, activities, and honors to their My Story. Universily then guides them to organize similar elements into Niches to help their application stand out.

Organize Applications

Universily automatically creates a dashboard with all the requirements and deadlines for each of your teen's target colleges. Stay in the loop on your student's status and progress with their applications.

Strategic Essay Writing

Our tool encourages students to use elements of their My Story while writing essays to help their focus their application. Parents can easily provide feedback and suggestions directly in essay drafts.

Our Story

Four years ago, my daughter was navigating the college application maze and I began searching for a single software tool or platform that would help her keep track of all the documents, dates, workflow, and college requirements from end to end. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that I was not successful.

Simply put, our mission is to ease the anxiety and stress of high school students and their families by helping manage and demystify the college application experience. Universily is a platform for kids and their families designed to work as a complement to the information and guidance they receive from counselors and with other tools like Naviance and Scoir.

Hear From Our Users:

"Using Universily made organizing all of my applications and essays so much easier!
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Northwestern Student
“I wish I had Universily when my other children were applying to college. It makes working on essays significantly less stressful.”
Parent of Columbia Student
“Excited to know this service exists to help students and families in an often confusing process.”
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Parent of UCLA Student

Universily Makes College Applications Easier.