Applying to college just got easier.

Say goodbye to do-it-yourself spreadsheet trackers and long email chains. Universily organizes everything you need to apply to college in one place.

Universily tracks all the deadlines and details so you can focus on telling colleges your story.

01 Applications

Select your target schools and see specific requirements like:
  • Application deadlines
  • Supplemental essays
  • Letters of recommendation

02 Essays

Universily’s built-in essay tool lets you:
  • Collaborate with family and counselors
  • See prompts and word limits for essays from your target schools
  • Easily repurpose ideas and sections across applications

03My Story

Assemble all the components of your application into one cohesive story.
  • Add your classes, test scores, classes, and other information to easily copy and paste into applications.
  • Organize the different parts of your My Story into Niches to help your application stand out.

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Is Universily only for Seniors?

No! In fact, underclassmen may benefit from Universily even more! My Story and Niches can help a student identify areas in which they are interested and then plan out future courses and involvement to support their Niches! We created Universily with the student in mind first, it is designed for a student to use throughout their high school career.

What people are saying about Universily

“Using Universily made actually applying to colleges so much easier and simpler.”

Northwestern University Student


“I wish I had Universily when my other children were applying to college. It makes working on essays significantly less stressful.”

Parent of Columbia Student


“Excited to know this service exists to help students and families in an often confusing process.”

Parent of UCLA student


“I wish I had this for my 4 kids when going through the process of trying to find the best fit and opportunity for each.”

LinkedIn User