Do I have to be a senior to benefit from Universily?

No!  In fact, Universily is more valuable the earlier you start using it to track your high school activities.  By thinking about your superpower, or niche, early in your high school career you will be able to do more activities and courses that support your unique story.  We encourage all high school students to start using Universily as early as possible.

Can I add my counselor and family to my Universily team?

Yes, you can add your counselor, your family, or any other trusted person to your Universily account in order to collaborate with your support network and keep them in the loop.  You can also remove people from your team at any time.

Is there a mobile version of Universily?

Yes, Universily is available on both your mobile device and your desktop.


Do I have to have a gmail account to use Universily?

You can use either a regular email or a gmail account to register and sign in to Universily.  However, to use the collaborative editing features of Google Docs embedded into Activities, Honors and Essays you will need to link to a gmail account if you have signed in with a non-Google email account.

How do I cancel my account?

If you want to cancel your account, please send an email to with your account name and we will deactivate your account for you.


Is Universily free to use?

Yes, students can set up accounts and use all of the functionality of Universily with a free basic membership.  The basic membership allows a limited number of items you can use in the system.  For example, under the basic membership you can apply to three colleges.  If you want to access more items in the system, you can upgrade to the premium membership which allows you to use an unlimited number of items in the system.

How much does it cost to use Universily?

The basic membership is free.  The premium membership costs $20 per month or $225 per year.

What is the cost for the My Team accounts?

When students invite their family, teachers, and counselors to join their team, the accounts for all of those team members are free.

How does the “Invite Friends” credit work?

When you invite a friend to join Universily, if they accept the invitation and create an account, you will receive one month of the premium membership for free.  You can invite as many friends as you like.  However, if another user in Universily already invited that friend, then only the first person who invites them will receive credit when the friend signs up.

Can I receive credit for inviting My Team members?

Yes, just like when you invite a friend, when you invite a team member, if they accept the invitation and create an account, you will receive one month of the premium membership for free.

What types of payments does Universily accept?

Universily partners with Stripe for payment processing to ensure the best security and most reliable payment options.  Stripe accepts all major credit cards.

Does Universily offer refunds?

You can cancel your premium membership at any time, and will receive a prorated refund for the amount of the pre-paid subscription that has not yet been used.  Unfortunately, Universily cannot offer refunds for the portion of the subscriptions that have already been consumed.  Also, if you cancel your premium membership any unused free credits will be removed.

What if I have a problem with billing?

If you run into any issues with billing, please send an email to with your account name and description of the issue and we will help resolve it.

Privacy and Security

How does Universily secure my data?

Your personal, story and application data is stored in the Google Cloud firebase with world-class global security.

Will Universily sell my personal data?

We decided early on that we will never sell your personal information or force you to look at ads you're not interested in seeing.  Universily does not and will not sell your personal data.  You are our customer, not our product!!

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