Learn How to Win the Game of College Admissions

As an aspiring college student you are likely looking for the magic key that will unlock the door to the school of your dreams. And while there’s not a magic key, there are tried and true strategies that will give you a much better chance of making your college dreams a reality.  Until now, these strategies have been the closely guarded secret of expensive private counselors.  At Universily, we believe every student deserves access to exceptional guidance, so we’ve built a system to help you access these hidden strategies to build exceptional college applications.


If you’re reading this you’ve probably realized that the college application process can be a complicated and confusing maze of requirements, deadlines, and paperwork.  It can feel like all the details are getting in the way of showing schools why you stand out. That’s where Universily comes in.

Universily is the first and only software program that

  • Gathers all the elements of your story through high school
  • Uses these elements to help you determine your niches
  • Manages collaboration with your family and counselors
  • Assembles your story into various college applications

We designed and built Universily to help students like you navigate the college admissions maze.  Are you ready to crack the college admissions code?

What is your “Niche”?

You may not have realized it, but you have a super-power, and you’ll want to make sure college admissions officers know what it is.

Universily helps you determine your superpower by organizing the elements of your story into niches. A niche is an area in which you have a special interest, talent, or experience.  You could have several niches.  A niche can be anything from playing soccer to being an enthusiastic French literature fan. The combination of your classes, activities and honors will eventually lead you to the niches you’ll use to show colleges your superpower.

Collect elements of your story​

High School is long, but time definitely feels short when you begin to put your college applications together.  Along with a myriad of other tasks, you’ll need to recall all your activities, honors and classes going as far back as your Freshman year.  These details are important, as they help tell your story to college admissions officers and make you stand out from the crowd. But don’t stress, Universily will collect and organize all the elements of your High School journey in an application ready format.

Collaborate with your team

Wouldn’t it be great to be able organize all your trusted mentors, parents, teachers and friends onto a single team to help navigate the college application process?  With the Universily Teams you can!  Team members can be your parents, counselors, or anyone else you trust.  Your team members will be able to review, comment and provide feedback on all of the components that become part of your college application.  You’ll be able to collaborate with your team every step of the way!

Application requirements and deadlines

Managing all of the application requirements and deadlines is one of the most confusing, complicated and stressful parts of applying to college.  You’ll need to research and manage specific requirements, application platforms, essays, writing supplements, testing, transcripts, recommendations, deadlines, application rounds and more for each college to which you want to apply.  And most of them will be different.  You can avoid all the confusion and stress by using Universily.  Universily manages all the details, dates and deadlines so you don’t have to.

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