What is a Niche?

Colleges receive tens of thousands of applications every year.  Many of them are from students who are academically qualified to attend that college.  However, most of them look the same, making it hard for admissions officers to pick the right students to make up their ideal class.

So how do you make your application stand out?  By highlighting your superpower, or “niche”.

Well, what is a niche?

A niche is an area in which you have a special interest, talent, or experience.  You could have several niches.  A niche can be anything from playing soccer to being a French literature fan. 

How does it work?

Universily helps you determine your superpower by organizing the elements of your story into niches.  The system tracks everything you have done, like coursework, activities, and honors,  and groups them into niches.  You can create multiple niches to reflect the different things you have done.  

For example, Emma really loves photography, biology, and robotics.  When she connects these different niches to her courses and activities, she finds that she really has not done much related to robotics, but has done lots of things related to biology, and more specifically marine biology.  With this information, Emma  may decide to focus her energy more on her Marine Biology niche going forward.  By her senior year, Emma will be able more clearly demonstrate her fascination with Marine Biology which will help her better tell her unique story to colleges.

By organizing everything you do into niches, you can find your superpower.  And best of all, when you tell your unique story on your college applications, you will have lots of supporting activities, honors and courses to demonstrate your superpower!

Explore your niches, find your superpower, and tell colleges your story with Universily today.

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