How can I help guide my child through the college admissions maze?

As a parent you naturally want to help your child get admitted to the best college for them with the least amount of pain.  If you’re like most parents, you probably didn’t think too much about college admissions until your kids entered high school.  As you’re probably starting to realize, college applications are very complex and differ by school.  The process is opaque and clues are spread all over the place.  The wealthy can hire private counselors to manage the chaos, but how does everyone else figure it out?  We’re parents, and we lived this problem.  We knew there had to be a better way, and that’s why we developed Universily.

The Universily application:

  • Gathers all the elements of your child’s story through high school
  • Uses these elements to help determine their niches
  • Manages collaboration with family, teachers and counselors
  • Assembles your child’s story into various college applications
  • Automates the parental nagging for you!

Universily manages all the details, dates and deadlines so you don’t have to.  Because every child deserves access to good guidance.


How can I help my students submit more compelling college applications?

Nationally, the U.S. averages 455 students for each high school guidance counselor.  If you’re one of these counselors you’re likely overwhelmed with work.  We know you often wear many hats and may not  always be able to devote as much time as you’d like to advising your students on college admissions.  A recent survey reported that high school counselors only spend 19% of their time on post-secondary counseling.  Universily automates many of the tactical activities related to college admissions counseling to free up your time.  The Universily application:


  • Provides a simple framework for you to guide your students to the right courses and activities for their unique talents
  • Helps you easily review and collaborate on their college essays
  • Gives you visibility into the student’s college application journey by tracking the status of all of the steps required for each college to which they apply