Is Universily Only For Juniors and Seniors?

A common question we’ve received recently: “Is Universily for upperclassmen only? Or can freshmen and sophomores use it as well?”

The answer is Universily was created for all high school students.
In fact, it may be more beneficial for underclassmen!

We often hear from seniors about the difficulty of having to go back and remember what they did earlier in high school and then try to put their story together. And at that point many students wish they could go back and change what classes they took or activities they participated in to improve the story they are trying to tell colleges!

A key component of Universily is the student building their MyStory. MyStory is where the student assembles all their classes and activities into one place and can take a holistic view of their involvement. After adding their involvement to their profile, Universily prompts students to provide details such as the year they took the course or participated in the activity, their role, and time commitment. These details are asked in most applications and remembering specifics about something a student did 3 years ago can be difficult.

Students who start using Universily early in their high school career can greatly benefit from documenting everything as they go. This not only helps save time and stress once application time finally comes, but also helps students choose the right activities and involvement that best aligns with their story.

It’s free to create a profile, sign up today and start building your story!

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