About Universily

Universily simplifies the college application process for students and their families.  We offer the world’s first software application that gathers all the elements of a student’s story through high school and intelligently assembles them into various college applications, all while collaborating with counselors and family.  Universily is run by a global team headquartered in the cloud.  We are dedicated to helping students achieve the best possible outcome in their college application journey.

Our Team

Universily was founded by industry veterans with decades of experience building and selling the world’s most powerful applications to run large companies.  More importantly, all of them are parents whose own children have gone through the nightmare of college applications.  Universily’s founding team uniquely combines a long history of providing world-class solutions, first-hand experience with the problem, and a strong passion for helping other students and families simplify their journeys.


Rick O'Rourke
CEO and Co-Founder
Rick is a constant organizer who leaves a wake of order in his path. While selling enterprise software, Rick formalized a repeatable process that triples deal sizes. Later as a go-to-market executive, he developed a program that profitably doubles companies’ sales. And as the CEO of Universily, Rick ensures that every aspect of the company drives toward helping students tell their unique stories while simplifying the college application experience.
Melané Ali
Founder and Chief Strategy Officer
Melané is a world-class Entropy Wrangler. She developed her skills by helping large enterprises apply technology to improve their operations and performance. Later, she honed her expertise by rallying her teenager through the nearly impossible college application process. Melané believes all students should have access to proper guidance as they navigate their college options.
Sarge Kennedy
CTO and Co-Founder
Sarge loves to architect and build systems that help people solve problems with innovative and fun solutions. He has built many of these types of new financial, customer relationship, and human resource applications from a blank sheet of paper for some of the largest global organizations with millions of happy people using them every day. His greatest joy is seeing the smile on someone's face after they see how we have made their life easier. As CTO at Universily, Sarge ensures that every aspect of the app is fast, secure, and easy to use.